Welcome to Lane Lines!

With almost 15 years experience, a BA degree in Kinesiology, and  numerous certificates in both the aquatic and fitness industries,  I hope to provide you with valuable information on everything aquatics related.

As an aquatics professional, I have taught hundreds of children to swim, using gentle, child-centered techniques. Building from a foundation of trust and working through key elements of breath control, proper body position and balance, and effective propulsion, students learn to love the water, respect the aquatic environment and develop aquatic safety skills. I have taught 3 month infants to float, and improved the strength and flexibility of senior citizens.Teaching water fitness classes and training athletes on improving their swim efficiency is a wonderful addition to my job as a swim instructor. Hoping to shine a spotlight on pool chemistry, technology and filtration, my experience as a Certified Pool & Spa Operator has unearthed the mysteries such a “what is a salt-water purification system?”

As a member of both national and local organizations dedicated to drowning prevention and water safety, I hope to see the day that accidental drowning is eradicated, and that families seek aquatic avenues for health and well-being.

With my  humble beginnings in the fitness industry,  I have a strong desire to seek change by blending the fitness and the aquatic industries to help raise awareness of healthy lifestyle both in and out of the pool, merge aquatic and fitness professionals for greater growth and development, and provide young swimmers with more avenues in which they can pursue their love for swimming and other aquatic related activities.

Please feel free to browse my categories. I will try to blog about various topics every month, and if there is something you would like to know about, shoot me an email or leave a comment.

Enjoy the journey.  Aquatics is a deep pool of information, and I hope we can wade into the deep end together.

Angela Wild