Wow! Somehow a year has flown and I have severely neglected this site. Graduate school, marriage and life have absorbed my energy, and I have been working on other projects instead of cultivating this page.

SO ..that being said, I have a new idea to include in this blog. So much of my time is spent hunkered down reading endless research studies in multiple fields that directly and indirectly contribute to the advancement of our industry. I have HUNDREDS of studies saved in my laptop (because I know someday I will need that ONE! )

I figured instead of collecting virtual dust in my hard drive, I would share them with you. I designed this blog as a way to connect, network and educate all people interested in aquatics, but more importantly, to provide greater scientific proof to what we do.

So I will start posting studies every once in awhile with the sole purpose of simply sharing information.

So here you go:


I look forward to hearing your thoughts. Please let me know if you have a particular field of interest that you’d like to see. I’m sure I have something on it 🙂

Float on!

Angela W.