I found this page the other day, and I instantly became furious. The misrepresentation of  the AAP position on swimming lessons to positively market ISR was absurd!

 I have read the new position stand word for word and nothing could be further from the truth.

Mr. Barnett is quoted as claiming:

“With this statement, the AAP focuses pediatricians, other medical professionals, and most importantly parents on what has proven to be the single most vital aspect of in-water safety for infants and young children – survival swimming instruction,” said Harvey Barnett, founder of Infant Swimming Resource. “I am gratified about this turn of events after working for more than 40 years in drowning prevention. Survival swimming lessons enable infants and young children to learn the skills that could save their lives in a potential drowning situation.”

What a spin on words!!!   Here is what the actually report states:

“In recent years, water-survival skills programs designed for infants younger than 12 months have become popular both in the United States and internationally. Many movies of tiny infants who have been taught to swim underwater, float fully clothed on their backs, and even cry out for help have emerged on the Internet. Although there are anecdotal reports of infants who have “saved themselves,” no scientific study has clearly demonstrated the safety and efficacy of training programs for such young infants”.

Here is the full report.  If you would like a copy of the technical report, click here.

Truth. It’s what’s for dinner!